fabric presents Leon Vynehall (CD)
fabric presents Leon Vynehall (CD)
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fabric presents Leon Vynehall (CD)

A Little More Liquid
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Vynehall effortlessly traverses across genres from spoken word and ambient, to hip-hop, breakbeat, gqom and afro-house in a mix that features an introduction by Wesley Joseph and exclusive tracks from friends and collaborators Skee Mask, Or:la, Gaunt, Avon Blume and Ehua. His own exclusive new track 'Sugar Slip (The Lick)' is playful and energetic and can be found on the compilation and double vinyl releases.

"The output of fabric's label holds a special place for me. During my teens into early twenties the musical landscape I was exposed to broadened, and my taste diversified greatly; going to shows, making music, and swapping new finds with friends. fabric had a huge part to play in shaping what I heard and was exposed to via their mix & compilation series. The first two I heard were Swayzak's 'fabric 11', and James Murphy & Pat Mahoney's 'FABRICLIVE 36'. Both these CDs helped open the door to a wider palette of sounds. Not only did I delve deeper into the compilations post & prior, but I learned about what I enjoyed when it comes to DJing - dynamics. That was the aim of my entry into the fabric discography. A dynamic mix with a cohesive sonic narrative running through it with the club in mind. I feel incredibly lucky to be putting forward my take on something that helped to shape how I approach what I do when I DJ."

Digital download card included.

CD plays as a continuous mix. Digital downloads constitute of 33 mixed track MP3s that when played in sequence form the continuous mix of 'fabric presents Leon Vynehall'.


  1. Leon Vynehall - Climb Into The Cistern ft Wesley Joseph
  2. Zebrablood - Whatcomesup96
  3. Newworldaquarium - Star Power
  4. Lo Jack - Virgin Traff 22
  5. Lady Blacktronika - Good Dick
  6. Mute - Never
  7. Louise Bock - Horologic
  8. Or:la - Allaballa (Exclusive)
  9. Pole - Überfahrt
  10. Gombeen & Doygen - D'Americana
  11. Round Four - Found A Way
  12. Woo - Wah Bass
  13. Mosca - This Branch Is Weak
  14. Steevio - Syzygy
  15. A2 - Midsummer Misery
  16. DJ Deep & Traumer - La Valle La B (La Deep Mix)
  17. DB Selective - Dub Train
  18. Wax - Switch
  19. Hagan - FWD
  20. Bubas Produçoes - Padjinha Pt 3
  21. A.k.Adrix - FL Studio, Obrigado
  22. Skee Mask - Untitled 279 (Exclusive)
  23. Avon Blume - South Bermo (Exclusive)
  24. Sector Y - Road To World Cup
  25. Innersphere aka Shinedoe - Phunk
  26. Gaunt - Raw Cartoon (Exclusive)
  27. Piero Umiliani (Zalla) - Produzione
  28. Commodo - Scabz
  29. Leon Vynehall - Sugar Slip (The Lick) (Exclusive)
  30. Mala - Misty Winter ft. Crazy D
  31. Ehua - Helios (Exclusive)
  32. N-ERGY - The Mad 808
  33. Ana Roxanne - Suite Pour L'Invisible